AGM outcomes

We held a successful AGM on 12 May, 2022 and here are the major outcomes:

The President reported on activities for the year, and the Treasurer advised on our finances. Fees were unchanged.
Presidents Report
Treasurers Report

The Committee was re-elected unchanged as follows:
President – Christine Kilmartin
Treasurer – Elizabeth Eager
Secretary – Gerry Egan
Committee – John MacIntyre, Rosemary Hooke, Malcolm Robins.

There were two great reports:
Bird Surveys which use iNaturalist to monitor the results
Waterwatch results
Attendees expressed their appreciation for the reports and thanks for all the work that goes into this important monitoring activity.

Note that volunteers are needed to:
– help with the Waterwatch task; taking monthly measures of water quality for which training is available;
– to join the Committee – we have three spots unfilled.

If you are interested, please email, or contact a Committee member.