AGM: 7.30 pm, Thurs 25 May 2023, at Northern Arts Hotel

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Castlemaine Landcare Group Inc (CLG) will be held at 7.30 pm on Thursday 25 May 2023, and you are cordially invited to attend.The meeting will be held at Northern Arts Hotel, 359 Barker St, Castlemaine. Drinks (beer, wine, and non-alcoholic) will be available at bar prices, and we recommend that you purchase something to recognise the generosity of the Northern Arts Hotel in hosting us. CLG will provide a (free) supper afterwards.

We are very pleased to introduce an excellent guest speaker, Clive Willman.Clive is a well-known geologist, who has had a long career in government and the local mining industry. He has completed extensive geological studies of the local area for the Geological Survey of Victoria and is known as for his deep knowledge of 19th mining methods. Clive has contributed to international scientific paper and numerous books regarding Victoria’s geological history and has made educational films for the NSW and Victorian State governments. Clive is also long-term member of Landcare.Clive will speak at the annual meeting on the subject of the ancient origins of Forest Creek and how mining and agriculture has affected the local landscape since the gold rush. He will explain how Central Victorian streams owe their origins to uplift of the Great Divide, which was caused by Antarctica’s slow separation from southern Australia. Over the millennia, long-lived streams like the Loddon River, and Forest, Campbell’s and Barker’s creeks, have meandered but remained confined to remarkably persistent valleys. He will show how the latest high-tech Lidar imagery complements 1850s surveyors’ maps, old aerial photos, and the oral histories of long-term residents. These all help to unravel the history of Forest Creek and Moonlight Flat since 1851 and show how mining, farming and Chinese market gardening have all left their imprints on the local landscape.

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