On 4 October 2022, the Midland Express carried an article advising readers that the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (now the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action) was urging Victorians to seek advice before removing native plants from private or public land.

Castlemaine Landcare Group supports this request. 

The article explains that native plants can be challenging to identify so landowners are encouraged to seek advice from their local Council or DEECA. In Mount Alexander Shire, advice can also be sought from Connecting Country or a local Landcare Group.

The article continues:
Unless a valid exemption applies, a permit is required in Victoria to remove, destroy or lop any native vegetation, including paddock trees, grasslands, wetlands, riparian areas and any native plants in state forests, national parks and reserves.

This includes trees along fence lines between private and public land.
To avoid a penalty, apply for a permit to remove native plants or report suspected illegal removal, contact your local council for issues on private property or DEECA (tel 136 186) for public land issues.

To learn more, visit

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