Forest Creek Revitalisation Project

Castlemaine Landcare Group is working on a collaborative project to revitalise the section of Forest Creek from Ten Foot Bridge downstream to Barker St. Castlemaine. This stretch of Forest Creek was redirected between stone walls during the gold rush era to protect the town centre from flooding.

The vision for this project is to create a more natural form for the creek as it flows between the historic walls and to provide opportunities for people to enjoy a rich natural environment by improving water quality, habitat, amenity and access.

We conducted a survey in May / June 2022 so that you could let us know what you and others, young and old, think. Our consultant Alluvium will put the ideas from the survey together into a draft design that we will bring back to the community for further comment.

We look forward to your participation and contribution.

Download the brochure.

Further information on the overall project is also available by emailing  

Community consultations, concept design and project costings.

This Forest Creek Revitalisation Project is the next step in the work undertaken by Professor Ian Rutherfurd, University of Melbourne. His options paper for the rejuvenation of the creek, commissioned by CLG through a National Landcare Grant, recommended:
* enhancing the natural creek form along 600m of creek
* preserving the historic channel walls
* improving native vegetation and habitat
* encouraging native fauna
* enhancing stream stability.

To progress these recommendations, further definition of the scope of works and associated costs is required to better understand the risks and opportunities of the works, and to consult with the community to gain essential inputs.

This revitalisation project will develop a scoping study with a concept design to rewild and rejuvenate a designated section of the creek, giving consideration to:
* hydrology
* flood and fire risk
* sediment movement
* stream stability
* Aboriginal and built heritage
* ongoing maintenance.

Corresponding project costings will be developed for all components of the project. Community consultations, based on a stakeholder analysis, will be undertaken via online workshops, and face-to-face meetings with relevant individuals and groups, along with neighbourhood door knocking and letterbox drops inviting participation in consultations.

The community benefits of this project are:
* a more attractive creek with improved environmental values e.g., a more natural stream form, diverse habitat, birdlife and wildlife
* reduced weed and reed proliferation
* protection of the historic stone walls
* creation of walking paths for an enhanced community amenity.